Image of County Building Roof
Image of County Building Roof

Major Roofing Project at the San Luis Obispo City/County Library

Author: Public Works
Date: 6/5/2018 3:29:34 PM

A major roofing project will be underway at the San Luis Obispo City/County Library facility during the months of June and July. There is no expected impact to public use of the building during construction.

The general scope of work is as follows:

• Remove and reinstall existing concrete roof tile over new roofing underlayment at the facility

• Install new integral rain-gutter PVC roofing system on the perimeter of tile roofs

• Install new heat welded PVC roofing system on two primary flat roofs at the facility

Please be aware and acknowledge all safety barricades, traffic control and other public safety measures are in place, during the construction phase. Completion of this project will significantly extend the useful life of this major facility for the use and enjoyment of all visitors and residents of the San Luis Obispo community.

The work is managed by the County of San Luis Obispo Department of Public Works. Funding is provided by both the City and the County.

For more information please feel free to contact Rich Kopecky at (805) 781-5222.