COVID-19 Update: Food and Medication Resources
COVID-19 Update: Food and Medication Resources

Food and Medication Resources for Seniors or Self-Isolating Residents

Author: County of San Luis Obispo - Joint Information Center
Date: 3/21/2020 2:27 PM

Self-isolating San Luis Obispo County residents 65 and older and those with chronic medical conditions who can’t get to the grocery store or pharmacy now have a free way to get their food and medicine delivered.

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The County of San Luis Obispo’s no-cost Food and Medication Resource Plan focuses on delivering food and prescription medication to those who need it most.  “We need to take care of our community and ensure that the basic needs of our most vulnerable residents are met during this time,” says County Emergency Services Director Wade Horton.

To tap into the service, residents can take a short survey to assess needs around the clock at, or by calling the Public Health Information Line at (805) 781-5500. Once the need is assessed and approved, the County will make a follow-up call with the requestor to coordinate delivery details.

Provided groceries will include dry goods, protein, and a selection of fresh produce. The grocery deliveries are intended to last one person 3-7 days. However, requests can be made for multiple people. If prescription medication is needed, the requestor will need to submit the prescription(s) to the pharmacy of their choice to be filled and pay for the prescriptions directly with the pharmacy prior to the scheduled delivery. The groceries and delivery will be provided at no cost. Most pharmacies are providing free delivery of prescription medications as well.

A no-contact delivery will be provided; County staff will knock on the door or ring the bell and leave the bagged delivery at the door. General food safety practices will be followed.

Community members who are under age 65 and are not receiving ongoing medical care should continue to visit essential businesses as necessary.

Visit for more information or call our Public Health Information Line at (805) 781-5500.