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2020 Healthcare News

Author: Human Resources
Date: 8/26/2019 3:51 PM

2020 Healthcare News

On August 5th, the County met with representatives of all Bargaining Units at its’ annual Healthcare Committee meeting.  As outlined in the MOU, representatives from each Unit meet to monitor the healthcare plans and make cost containment recommendations. In 2020, medical premiums will increase 2.7% which is significantly lower than the 7% California average. For our most popular medical plan, Anthem Select, this equates to a $14.60 increase per month for employee only coverage. For complete 2020 insurance premiums, click here or see below. 

In addition, other highlights for 2020 include:

  • A 5.5% reduction in Delta Dental premiums
  • Free generic medications will be available through a new benefit RxNGo
  • 90 day supplies of maintenance medications available at CVS & Walgreens
  • A new Aflac Hospital Indemnity plan will be available to all employees
  • Benefit enhancements to Voya Short Term Disability (available to limited bargaining units)
  • Continuation of the free Carrum Health Surgery benefit with expanded access to over 80 surgeries at centers of excellence

As part of EIA Health insurance pool, the County now has the ability to tailor medical plan designs to meet the unique needs of our employees. The County did propose making medical plan design changes to ensure we are meeting the needs of each employee. The County’s goal is to offer a variety of medical plans that balance affordability, high quality coverage and access to care. While no changes were made this year, look for a survey from the County in the Spring of 2020 to help the County better understand your health insurance needs and preferences.

More information on these benefits will be available during  the 2020 Open Enrollment period, which will be from October 3 – 21. Lastly, don’t forget to the save the date for the 2020 Benefits Fair , which will be on Tuesday, September 24th from 10:00am-4:00am at the Veterans Hall in SLO.

2020 Medical Premium Increases
Plan Name Employee Only Increase Employee +1 Increase Employee+2 Increase
Anthem HDHP + $13.60 + $26.60 + $34.60
Anthem Select + $14.60 + $ 28.60 + $37.60
Anthem Choice  + $15.60 + $32.60 + $41.60
Anthem Care + $16.60 + $33.60 + $43.60
Anthem EPO + $19.60 + $39.60 + $52.60