Extension of COVID-19 Benefits and Scheduled Increases

Author: Human Resources
Date: 1/20/2021 3:35 PM

Extension of COVID-19 Benefits and Scheduled Increases.

First and foremost, happy New Year. 2020 was a year that really spoke to the strength of our County workforce despite the extraordinary challenges we saw. The Human Resources Labor Team would like to provide you with an overview of the extension of COVID-19 related benefits, as well as scheduled compensation and healthcare contribution changes that were implemented and effective the first pay period in the new year.


Extension of COVID-19 Related Benefits


As you may recall, on April 21, 2020, the Board ratified provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which granted up to 80 hours of paid sick leave to employees, approved temporary provisions for vacation cash-out for FLSA exempt employees, and approved temporarily suspending the sick leave accrual cap and vacation accrual cap through December 31, 2020. Due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Supervisors continued these provisions at their December 15, 2020 meeting as outlined below.


Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL). EPSL was the additional 80 hours of sick leave given to full-time employees, or additional pro-rated hours given to part-time and temporary employees. These hours will continue to be available to employees through the duration of the proclaimed local emergency for COVID-19.  After the end of the proclaimed local emergency, or if an employee terminates employment prior to that point, any unused portion of this additional sick leave will be removed from the employee’s sick leave balances. Any new employees hired through the duration of the proclaimed local emergency will receive the additional hours. Please keep in mind that since this is a continuation of the existing benefit, no additional sick leave hours will be added to employees’ sick leave balances beyond those hours already added to current employees’ balances.


Sick Leave Cap. The current sick leave accrual caps will remain suspended through the duration of the proclaimed local emergency to accommodate the additional sick leave granted to employees (EPSL). After the end of the proclaimed local emergency, the current sick leave caps will be reinstated and employees sick leave balances above the cap will be reduced back to the cap.


Vacation Accrual Cap. The 320-hour vacation cap will continue to be suspended through the pay period including July 1, 2021, or through the duration of the proclaimed local emergency, whichever occurs sooner.


Vacation Cash-out for FLSA Exempt Employees. Employees that would not otherwise be eligible for overtime or compensatory time off due to their Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempt status are allowed to cash-out up to 80 hours of vacation once during the declared local emergency. This allowance supersedes current cash-out provisions requiring employees to take at least forty hours of vacation during the fiscal year, and having a balance of 200 hours in their bank. This allowance is for FLSA exempt employees in the following bargaining units only: 04, 07, 08, 09, 12, 15 and 16.



Wage Increases

Wage increases for the Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Managers Association (SLOCSMA) scheduled for January 2021 have been implemented and will be reflected on the January 15, 2021 paycheck.

The table below shows the January increases that will be in effect for pertaining employee associations.


Bargaining Unit


DSA (Deputy Sheriff’s Association)

BU03 – Law Enforcement Unit

BU14 – Supervisory Law Enforcement Unit

BU21 – Non-Safety Law Enforcement Unit

BU22 – Dispatcher Unit




SLOCSMA (San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Managers Association)

BU15 – Sheriff's Management



SDSA (Sworn Deputy Sheriff’s Association)

BU27 – Sworn Law Enforcement Unit

BU28 – Sworn Law Enforcement Supervisory Unit

Addition of a 6th step for eligible employees in exchange for eliminating the cash in lieu of medical insurance.


Temporary Employees

BU00 – Temporary Employees

Where necessary, updated wages to match minimum wage increase


Please review your respective MOU for specific details on the scheduled wage increases here.


Healthcare Contribution Changes

Cafeteria increases scheduled for January 2021 are now in effect. Please review your respective MOU for specific details on cafeteria increases here. You can also reference the Benefit At A Glance page specific to your bargaining unit here. The table below shows the January increases that will be in effect for the pertaining employee associations.

Employee Association

Employee Only Medical Coverage

Employee +1 Dependent Medical Coverage

Family Medical Coverage


DAIA (District Attorney Investigators Association)


$816.07/mo (no increase)


$1,065/mo (increase of $20)


$1,300/mo (increase of $25)


DCCA (Deputy County Counsel Attorneys)


$1,146/mo (no increase)


$1,025/mo (no increase)


$1,310/mo (increase of $30)

$500 contribution to FSA

HSA match up to $750/yr

DSA (Deputy Sheriff’s Association)


$825/mo (no increase)


$1,075/mo (increase of $25)


$1,310/mo (increase of $30)

HSA match up to $750/yr

SDSA (Sworn Deputy Sheriff’s Association)

$990/mo (no increase)

$1,025/mo (no increase)

$1,250/mo (no increase)

HSA match up to $750/yr

SLOCEA (“Big Unit”)

$750.58/mo (no increase)

$1,075/mo (increase of $25)

$1,310/mo (increase of $30)


SLOCEA (“Trades, Crafts, and Services Unit”)

$725/mo (increase of $15)

$1,075/mo (increase of $25)

$1,310/mo (increase of $30)


These increases are reflected in the January 15, 2021 paycheck. Employee associations not listed in the above table do not have any scheduled cafeteria increases.