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May 2019 Bargaining Update

Author: Human Resources
Date: 5/24/2019 3:47 PM

Meet the SLOCEA & County Negotiating Teams.

In an effort to keep you informed, here is the latest about the bargaining process as the County and SLOCEA continue negotiations.

Two months ago, HR published an article that included “The Bargaining Process in 7 Steps” and then followed up last month with an article focused on 2 of the steps, Union Preparations and Negotiation Begins. At this point, the County and SLOCEA are still exchanging proposals and exploring possible compromises. This will continue over a series of meetings. In the meantime, we would like to introduce both party’s bargaining teams.

Each team is comprised of employees, subject matter experts,  and a chief spokesperson. The teams are as follows:

County Team:

  • Tami Douglas-Schatz (HR Director & Management Representative for the BOS)
  • Jeff Sloan (Chief Spokesperson, Sloan Sakai Yeung & Wong LLP)
  • Megan Fisher (Human Resources Deputy Director)
  • Michael Hobbs (Labor Analyst)
  • Ashleigh Szkubiel (Benefits Manager)
  • Mark Zeltmann (Classification & Compensation Analyst)
  • Lydia Corr (Assistant Auditor Controller Treasurer Tax Collector)
  • Teresa McCarthy White (HR Analyst Aide)

SLOCEA Big Unit Team:

  • Jim Mallon, SLOCEA Vice President (Assessors Office, Supervising Appraiser)
  • Cynthia Becker, SLOCEA Secretary (Sheriff’s Department, Correctional Technician )
  • Cecilia Boettcher (Social Services, Employment Resource Specialist)
  • Sandee Krijakin (Social Services, Supervising Legal Clerk)
  • Elaine Jordison (Health Agency, Health Information Technician)
  • Pat McNamara, SLOCEA General Manager
  • Theresa Schultz, SLOCEA Senior Labor Representative

SLOCEA Trades Team:

  • Dave Loden, SLOCEA President (Facility Maintenance Mechanic)
  • Tim Faes (Parks Department, Park Ranger)
  • Dan Linhares (Public Works, Public Works Worker)
  • Leann Siebert (Public Works, Water Systems Worker)
  • Kevin Sulitz (Parks Department, Park Ranger)
  • Pat McNamara, SLOCEA General Manager
  • Theresa Schultz, SLOCEA Senior Labor Representative

As the negotiations progress we will continue to provide updates on important milestones and developments.