Overlooking reservoir with blue water, metal walkway to the side, and mountains in background
Lopez Reservoir provides water to the Five Cities area

Musty/Earthy Taste in Water No Cause for Concern

Author: Public Works
Date: 8/22/2023 8:59 AM

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY – Lopez Project customers in San Luis Obispo County who receive water from the Lopez Water Treatment Plant (WTP), including the cities of Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Oceano, Avila Beach, and Shell Beach, may experience an unusual taste and/or odor in their potable water over the next week.

The unusual taste or odors that some customers may detect are due to compounds produced primarily from blue-green algae and organic matter in surface waters, imparting a musty or earthy taste and odor. Although some customers may find these tastes or odors to be unpleasant, they do not present any health risk. They are routinely monitored and regulated only as an aesthetic concern and not as a health concern.  

The WTP is adding additional treatment to the water leaving their plant and can assure residents that the water supply is perfectly safe to drink, and no water quality standards are being violated.  

For the next week, customers can improve the taste of their drinking water by using a water (carbon) filter pitcher. Please see attached map for possible affected areas.