Blue sky and hillside reflects in water treatment pond
CSA 7A Oak Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sludge Removal at Oak Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant

Author: Public Works
Date: 9/5/2023 12:44 PM

BRADLEY, CA – SEPTEMBER 6 - OCTOBER 2, 2023 – County Service Area 7A (CSA 7A) has contracted with Synagro to remove accumulated sludge from settling ponds 3 and 4 at the Oak Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Sludge is a byproduct of wastewater treatment that accumulates in the settling ponds. Periodic removal of sludge is required to keep the plant operating within its design parameters. This project will restore the capacity of the ponds and result in a more efficient treatment process.

The project is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 6, continuing through Monday, October 2.  The hours of operation will be 6AM–6PM, Monday through Friday. Residents in the proximity of the plant may temporarily experience slightly increased odor and noise. Approximately 4-5 large trucks will be used daily to truck the dried sludge offsite for disposal. Please refer to the attached map for project location.

For more information, please contact Program Manager Laura Holder at (805) 781-5135 or [email protected].