Anthem - Find a Provider


1. Go to Anthem’s Provider Search website:

2. Choose Select a plan for basic search.

Find Care image with Select a plan for basic search highlighted.

3. Answer the following questions to narrow your search:

  1. For Type of Plan or Network, select Medical Plan
  2. For State, choose the corresponding state you would like to search (the example below uses California) 
  3. For How You Get Your Health Insurance, select Medical (Employer-Sponsored) 
  4. For Select a Plan or Network, choose the corresponding network according to your medical plan:
  • Anthem Choice, Care, EPO, and HDHP – network is Prudent Buyer PPO/EPO
  • Anthem Select – network is Select PPO (Select Network) 
  • All Plans Out of State – network is National PPO (BlueCard PPO)

Screen shot showing questions answered to select a plan for a basic search.

4. After inputting all the search criteria, select Continue.

5. Refine your search by entering a city, county, or zip code and choose the type of care provider you wish to search.

Screen shot showing questions to refine search and choose type of Care Provider to search.

6. After selecting the type of care, your search will generate results.

Screen shot showing results of search for Care Provider.

7. Use View Details to find out more about the specific provider. 

8. You can use the filters on the left-hand side to further refine your search.