Benefits - Savings Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts including Healthcare, Dependent Care, and Limited Purpose. Health Savings Account and Deferred Comp

Savings Account Overview

Current Annoucements

For 2021, the following benefit changes will occur:

  • You can carry over $550 in your Healthcare and Limited Purpose FSA
  • Healthcare and Limited Purpose FSA maximum contributions increases to $2,750
  • HSA  increases to $3,600 for single, and $7,200 for family

Benefits Overview

All employee contributions to a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) are made from pre-tax earnings, lowering your taxable income, and increasing your disposable income. The County offers several different tax savings accounts. Each tax savings account has unique qualified expenses, rules and eligibility to participate. All FSAs & the HSA are administered by Benefits Coordinator Corporation (BCC). Participants will have access to their funds via a debit card, an online platform and mobile app.

Contact Information

BCC is the third-party administrator for all FSA accounts.

Phone: 800-685-6100

Website: or FSA Store at:

Customer Service Center hours are Monday - Thursday: 5:00am - 5:00pm PT and Friday: 5:00am - 3:00pm PT


Who can participate?

Maximum Annual Contribution

Plan Overview

Healthcare FSA

All Employees

$2,750/calendar year with a $550 carryover

You can set aside money from your pay, pre-tax, and use it for medical, dental, and vision expenses any time during the plan year. Eligible expenses include medical, dental, or vision costs such as plan deductibles, copays, coinsurance amounts, and other non-covered healthcare costs for you and your tax dependents. You don’t have to enroll in one of our medical plans to participate in the healthcare FSA. See the table on the next page for more information on how to access your FSA account. Beginning 1/1/2021 you can rollover up to $550 of your previous year’s FSA unused balance from one calendar year to another. All other unused funds are use it or lose it.

Dependent Care FSA

All Employees

$5,000/calendar year per Household

Pay for eligible out-of-pocket dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Eligible expenses may include daycare centers, in-home childcare, and before or after school care for your dependent children under age 13. All caregivers must have a tax ID or Social Security number. This information must be included on your federal tax return. If you use the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, the IRS will not allow you to claim a dependent care credit for reimbursed expenses. Funds in this account are use it or lose it.

Limited Purpose FSA

HDHP Enrollees Only

$2,750/calendar year

If you or your spouse participate in an HDHP HSA plan, you are eligible for the Limited Purpose FSA which you can use for qualified dental and vision expenses only (not medical).

Health Savings Account (HSA)

HDHP Enrollees Only

$3,600/calendar year for individual

$7,200/calendar year for a family

An HSA is what makes high deductible health plans (HDHP) so popular. It helps with your current healthcare expenses and helps you build a safety net the future. Unused money rolls at the end of the year, earns interest, and can even be invested like a 401(k). After 65, you can even use the money for non-healthcare expenses (subject to your regular tax rate). You own the account, even if you change jobs. You may change the deduction amounts at any time. The contributions are subject to CA state taxes.