Clouds at the top of 46 West. Photo by Rianna Baldwin.

Main Street at US 101 Interchange Project, Templeton - Presentation

Author: Public Works
Date: 11/30/2017 2:44:28 PM

The public is invited to attend a presentation of project conceptual alternatives for the proposed Main Street at US 101 interchange reconfiguration on December 6, 2017 for an Open House and Templeton Area Advisory Group special meeting at Vineyard Elementary School in Templeton.

The Open House begins at 5:00 pm, with a TAAG special meeting starting at 6:00 pm. The Department of Public Works is seeking public feedback on the proposed Main Street at US 101 interchange reconfiguration conceptual alternatives.  These alternatives have been refined from public input at a March 2017 meeting.

The community of Templeton continues to see development which will increase traffic congestion along Main Street at US 101. Traffic studies show increasing delay at this interchange. Public Works, in cooperation with Caltrans and SLOCOG, is developing a long-range project with the objective of reconfiguring the intersections to relieve congestion, improve access for all users, and minimize property and environmental impacts.

The current scoping phase includes three conceptual alternatives which are the result of numerous iterations. The conceptual alternatives, which illustrate viable intersection, local road, and on/off ramp configurations, were developed based on Caltrans safety and design criteria, and previous input from the public.  No final project determinations will be made in this phase.

The next phase of the project, estimated to start late 2018, includes detailed engineering and environmental assessments of the conceptual alternatives. The assessment phase is expected to take two years, and will result in selection of a preferred project alternative.  The preferred alternative will be developed based on the results of the assessments, and is most often a variant or combination of elements from the original concept alternatives.