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Probation Questionnaire

The Probation Questionnaire form  is used at the investigation phase to help prepare probation reports. It is used to document social history such as residence, employment, education and family members.   

2/1/2017 3:53:07 PM

Parents' Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

Parents' Dependency and Indemnity Compensation is a tax free income-based monthly benefit for the parent(s) of military Service members who died in the line of duty or Veterans whose death resulted from a service-related injury or disease.

2/1/2017 4:07:03 PM

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)

Special monthly compensation (SMC) is an additional tax-free benefit that can be paid to Veterans, their spouses, surviving spouses and parents. For Veterans, Special Monthly Compensation is a higher rate of compensation paid due to special circumstances such as the need of a...

2/1/2017 4:07:39 PM

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program is authorized by Congress under Title 38, United States Code, Chapter 31. It is sometimes referred to as the Chapter 31 program. The VR&E program assists Veterans with service-connected disabilities and an employment...

2/1/2017 4:07:48 PM

Child Support Order Modification

Once child support is established, it continues at the same rate until it is legally changed. A Child Support Order is eligible for review every three (3) years, however a case can be reviewed for modification sooner if there is substantial change in circumstance. Either part...

2/1/2017 4:36:59 PM

Child Support Payment Distribution

When a payment is received, it is forwarded to the family within two (2) days unless the money is owed to the County or must be held for some other reason.   All collections, except federal tax refund intercepts, are credited to current monthly support (child support first...

2/1/2017 4:38:04 PM

Homeless Assistance

The CalWORKs Homeless Assistance Program can provide temporary and permanent shelter for families who are homeless or have a "Pay Rent or Quit" notice. Permanent shelter payments for a security deposit and/or last month's rental and/or utility deposit payment can be made one-...

2/15/2017 2:48:30 PM

General Assistance Cash Aid

General Assistance (GA) is a County-funded cash aid program to help needy individuals and families with no child(ren) under the age of 18 living with them. The program provides money, vouchers and job-related services for needy persons who are not eligible to Federal and Stat...

3/7/2017 2:50:00 PM

Trafficking & Crime Victims Assistance Program (CW)

Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP) is a short-term cash aid program that provides critical support, benefits, and services to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes, who are not otherwise eligible for State or Federally...

3/7/2017 2:52:47 PM

Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP) - MC

TCVAP is a short term cash aid program that provides critical support, benefits, and services to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes who are not eligible for State or Federally-funded benefits and services due to immigration status or tho...

3/7/2017 3:01:03 PM

Airplane Hangar Rental

Airplane Hangars are available for rent on the San Luis Obispo McChesney Airfield (SBP). All of our hangars are “T” hangars, located on the east side of the airport (also known as Site November). These hangars have limited lighting and electrical outlets. There are two (2) re...

3/9/2017 11:11:55 AM

Airport Badging

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has mandated Security Directives for all Part 139 airports. Under this directive, all individuals having unescorted access to the Airport Operations Area (AOA) will be required to have airport identification badges. Please visi...

3/9/2017 2:12:22 PM

Oceano Airport Fly-in Camping

The fly-in-only campsite  is located next to the tarmac. There is a fire pit, and restrooms available, but no showers or laundry. 

3/9/2017 3:03:23 PM

Fictitious Business Name Abandonment

This service allows you to abandon the use of a Fictitious Business Name (FBN). Upon ceasing to transact business in this state under an FBN that was filed in the previous five (5) years, a person(s) who has filed a Fictitious Business Name Statement shall file a Statement of...

4/21/2017 1:57:27 PM


Cal-Learn is a statewide program for pregnant and parenting teens, both moms and dads, who receive CalWORKs. The goal of Cal-Learn is to help teens graduate from high school, become independent and form healthy families. The Cal-Learn program addresses the unique educational,...

3/7/2017 3:01:53 PM

Diversion Services

CalWORKs Diversion is cash or non-cash supportive services offered to a family to meet a specific current need or emergency. It is intended to provide immediate assistance that can help parents keep or start a job and continue to be self-supporting. In order to be eligible, t...

2/15/2017 2:48:27 PM

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