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1/20/2022 Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores found guilty of murdering Nancy Woodrum of Paso Robles during the commission of a rape. Will be sentenced on February 24, 2022. District Attorney
1/19/2022 Arthur Tiofilo Rocha sentenced to serve 50 years-to-life in prison for violent sex crimes against three San Luis Obispo women survivors District Attorney
1/19/2022 Daniel Raul Rodriguez Johnson (34) has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2019 murder of Carrington Jane Broussard and her full-term unborn baby District Attorney
1/18/2022 Fred Raymond Knight, Jr. sentenced to 28 years to life in state prison for sexual abuse of a child under the age of 10 District Attorney
12/29/2021 DAs Granted Temporary Restraining Order Preventing CDCR from Increasing Credits for Second-Strikers w/Serious, Violent Convictions District Attorney
12/22/2021 District Attorney urges Governor to reverse the Parole Board’s granting parole to Jason Adam Greenwell for the brutal 2010 murder of Dystiny Myers District Attorney
12/22/2021 Delivery Drivers Beware: New scam attempts to defraud delivery drivers District Attorney
12/20/2021 Judge Sentences David Avis Vance to serve 30 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registration for sexual abuse of four minors District Attorney
12/17/2021 Jury convicts Kammeron Isaac Anderson (26) of residential burglary, multiple sexual assault crimes and theft. He faces a life sentence. District Attorney
12/17/2021 Judge Sentences Chris L. Berdoll to serve 4 years and 4 months in prison for production and possession of child pornography District Attorney
12/13/2021 Judge Sentences Michael Anthony Brians to serve 100 years to Life in prison after a jury found him guilty of 8 counts of sex crimes against children District Attorney
12/13/2021 Kejuan Guy Bynum sentenced to serve 36 years to life in prison for the second-degree murder of Cristopher Vento Wilson District Attorney
12/3/2021 Antonio Rojas Ortiz sentenced to serve 40 years in state prison for repeated sexual abuse by force against a child under 14 District Attorney
11/19/2021 Convicted Murderer Jason Greenwell Granted Parole Over Family and District Attorney’s Objection District Attorney
11/16/2021 Judge sentences Johnny Jesse Roman to serve 25 years to life in prison for crimes of residential burglary, residential robbery, and grand theft of automobile committed against 75-year elder woman District Attorney
11/5/2021 Jury Convicts Kejuan Bynum of the Murder of Cristopher Vento Wilson District Attorney
11/5/2021 Jury Convicts Kejuan Bynum of the Murder of Cristopher Vento Wilson District Attorney
11/1/2021 The District Attorney's Office Warns Consumers About Increasing Robocalls District Attorney
10/20/2021 Jury convicts Michael Anthony Brians of molesting three children and faces life sentence District Attorney
10/13/2021 Local Bookkeeper Ginger Lee Mankins sentenced to 10 years in prison for embezzlement District Attorney
9/28/2021 District Attorney’s Office files unfair competition lawsuit against the third-party private management company of the San Simeon Communities Services District District Attorney
9/22/2021 DA Releases Final Report on IWMA Investigation District Attorney
9/20/2021 Matthew Leroy Ehens sentenced to 8 years-to-life for his conviction of pouring boiling oil on his 79-year-old adoptive mother before stabbing her in the back with a kitchen knife District Attorney
9/14/2021 DA Dan Dow Announces Settlement in Consumer Protection Case Against Pestmaster Service LP District Attorney
9/8/2021 Daniel Raul Rodriguez Johnson pleads guilty to murdering Carrington Jane Broussard and her full-term unborn baby District Attorney
9/2/2021 DA's Office and GALA commit to collaborative training District Attorney
9/1/2021 Local Bookkeeper Ginger Lee Mankins facing 10 years in prison for embezzlement after guilty plea District Attorney
8/25/2021 Matthew Leroy Ehens convicted of pouring boiling oil on his 79-year-old foster mother before stabbing her in the back with a kitchen knife District Attorney
8/19/2021 Joshua Delante Wheeler sentenced to 76 years for his conviction on eight felony sex crimes, including four counts of forcible rape of a minor District Attorney
8/16/2021 San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow is speaking out against proposed parole hearing regulations that would unfairly impact victims of violent crimes District Attorney
8/13/2021 Arthur Tiofilo Rocha of Arroyo Grande Facing 50 Years-To-Life for Violent Sex Crimes District Attorney
8/6/2021 District Attorney’s Office Completes Legal Review of the Officer-Involved Shooting of Mason James Lira on June 11, 2020 District Attorney
7/28/2021 Following Robbery of Senator Boxer, DA’s Call for Withdrawal of Dangerous Petty Theft Legislation District Attorney
7/23/2021 Senator John Laird discusses the criminal and victim justice system with District Attorney Dan Dow District Attorney
7/22/2021 Judge Sentences Tyler Andree to 120 days Jail, felony probation, and to register as a sex offender District Attorney
7/12/2021 Governor Reverses Parole Board's Decision to Parole Convicted Murderer Royce Casey District Attorney
7/9/2021 DA Dan Dow Announces Settlement with Wal-Mart for Price Gouging During Pandemic District Attorney
7/8/2021 Jury convicts Oceano man of raping 16-year-old young woman he had a duty to protect District Attorney
6/28/2021 Jason Robert Porter sentenced to 280 years-to-life plus five years in prison for his conviction of 52 counts related to child sexual abuse, child pornography and other crimes. District Attorney
6/28/2021 Judge sentences Cody Julian to 24 years-to-life for his conviction of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 10. District Attorney
6/3/2021 DA Statement Regarding Man Caught Removing Blue Ribbons Honoring Slain SLO Police Detective District Attorney
6/2/2021 Jason Robert Porter (49) Convicted of 52 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Four Child Victims, Possession of Child Pornography and Other Crimes District Attorney
5/26/2021 44 Elected District Attorneys File Suit Challenging the Early Release of 76,000 State Prison Inmates District Attorney
5/21/2021 Lucion Lee Edward Banks Sentenced to 15 years to life in State Prison for human trafficking of 14-year-old in San Luis Obispo County District Attorney
5/17/2021 Shawn and Kayla Luhm Charged in Death of Eight-Month-Old Daughter District Attorney
5/13/2021 41 Elected District Attorneys Challenge Early Release of 76,000 State Prison Inmates District Attorney
4/27/2021 DA Dow encourages the public to learn more and consider getting Covid-19 vaccine. District Attorney
4/26/2021 Judge Sentences Uber driver Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez after his conviction for sexual crimes, burglary and theft District Attorney
4/23/2021 Cody Julian convicted of child molestation and faces life sentence District Attorney
4/14/2021 Paul Flores and His Father Ruben Charged for 1996 Murder of Kristin Smart District Attorney
4/13/2021 A Message from the District Attorney District Attorney
4/6/2021 April is Crime Victims' Rights Awareness month in San Luis Obispo County District Attorney
3/26/2021 Jury convicts Uber driver Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez of sexual crimes and burglary District Attorney
3/23/2021 Chelsea A. Stiles sentenced to 15 years and 8 months in prison for vehicular homicide and other felony offenses District Attorney
3/16/2021 Atascadero Bookkeeper Joy Wilde Sentenced to 10 years and 4 months in Prison for Embezzlement District Attorney
3/16/2021 District Attorney Dow urges Senate Public Safety Committee to reject reducing unarmed robbery to misdemeanor District Attorney
3/15/2021 Jury Convicts Lucion Lee Edward Banks for human trafficking of 14-year-old in San Luis Obispo County District Attorney
3/11/2021 Statement Regarding Today's Appellate Court Order District Attorney
3/9/2021 San Luis Obispo couple plead no contest to child endangerment and drug charges District Attorney
3/9/2021 The Shaggy DA (Assistant) District Attorney
3/4/2021 DUI Driver convicted of killing 82-year-old woman receives 15 years-to-life sentence District Attorney
2/26/2021 A Tribute to Honorable Supervisor Shirley Bianchi District Attorney
2/23/2021 Former Morro Bay High School teacher charged with sex crimes against two minors District Attorney
2/22/2021 Daniel R. Johnson to be tried for murder of Carrington Broussard and her full-term unborn baby District Attorney
2/16/2021 Statement in Response to Media Inquiries District Attorney
1/12/2021 David Rodriguez Hernandez sentenced to serve 24 years and 8 months in prison for his involvement in the 2013 shooting death of Victor Hugo Sanchez District Attorney
1/5/2021 January 2021 is Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Learn More by Attending a Forum District Attorney
12/15/2020 Jury Convicts Edgar Saul Rojas Morales after Vehicular Homicide Trial District Attorney
12/11/2020 Jury Convicts Chelsea A. Stiles after Two-Month Vehicular Homicide Trial District Attorney
12/11/2020 DA Dan Dow Responds to Judge's Order Granting Recusal Motion District Attorney
12/8/2020 DA Dow Gives Statement Regarding Criminal Enforcement of COVID Shutdown 'Orders' District Attorney
12/3/2020 Judge Increases Bail to $1 Million After Sex Trafficking Defendant Intimidates Witness District Attorney
11/13/2020 DA Provides Internal Email to Tribune After Public Records Act Request District Attorney
11/2/2020 $1.49 Million Settlement Reached with Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. District Attorney
10/20/2020 Bank Robber Sentenced to Prison for 25 Years District Attorney
10/19/2020 DA Dow Response to Recent Media Inquiries District Attorney
10/7/2020 District Attorney’s Office Is Expecting… a Furry Friend District Attorney
10/1/2020 Sex Offender Sentenced to Prison After Victims Describe Impact of Abuse District Attorney
9/16/2020 DNA Analysis and Uncooperative Witness Compels Dismissal of Oceano Dunes Shooting Case District Attorney
9/10/2020 San Miguel CSD Employee Sentenced for Theft and Embezzlement of $38,000 District Attorney
9/9/2020 Servicios están disponibles para miembros de la comunidad afectados por el incidente del tirador activo en Nipomo Fiscal del Distrito
9/9/2020 Services Available for Community Members Affected by Nipomo Active Shooter Incident District Attorney
9/4/2020 SLO Jury Convicts Jess Drue Brasuell III of Sex Crimes Against Multiple Child Victims District Attorney
9/4/2020 Services Available for Community Members Affected by Nipomo Active Shooter Incident District Attorney
9/2/2020 District Attorney Files Criminal Complaints Against Tianna Isis Aratawentworth and Elias Bautista District Attorney
8/10/2020 Status Update Regarding Tianna Arata Case Review District Attorney
7/31/2020 District Attorney Dan Dow Answers Tribune Questions about Not Prosecuting Singing District Attorney
7/30/2020 Morro Bay Man Sentenced to State Prison for Manslaughter District Attorney
7/24/2020 Statement to the community regarding the arrests of Ms. Tianna Arata and Mr. Elias Bautista District Attorney
7/17/2020 7 Men Charged with Solicitation During Anti-Human Trafficking Operation District Attorney
7/15/2020 Oceano Man Convicted in First San Luis Obispo County Jury Trial Since Beginning of Pandemic District Attorney
7/10/2020 Release of 8,000 Serious Offenders from Prisons Puts Victims at Risk District Attorney
7/1/2020 Murder Charges Filed Against Nicholas C Ron for Murdering Trevon Perry of Paso Robles District Attorney
5/21/2020 Open Letter to the Faith Community Regarding Worship Services During Reopening Plan District Attorney
5/20/2020 Paso Robles Man Charged with Murder After Selling Fentanyl to 19-Year-Old Victim District Attorney
4/21/2020 District Attorney Provides an Update on Price-Gouging Laws District Attorney
4/14/2020 List of Offenses Not Eligible for Zero Bail District Attorney
4/13/2020 April 19-25, 2020 to be National Crime Victims' Rights Week District Attorney
4/10/2020 DA Dow Objects to Jail Inmates Release on "Emergency" Zero Bail District Attorney
4/10/2020 Residents Urged to Stay Alert for Scams and Price Gouging District Attorney
4/6/2020 Fraud Charges Filed Against Local Business Developer, Arrest Warrant Issued District Attorney
3/26/2020 Arroyo Grande Man Charged With Murder District Attorney
3/13/2020 District Attorney Warns Businesses and Consumers of Price Gouging During an Emergency District Attorney
3/6/2020 SLO Grand Jury Indicts Thirteen People for Drug Trafficking District Attorney
2/28/2020 BREAKING: Source of Voter 'Robocalls' Identified District Attorney
2/10/2020 Local Bookkeeper Ginger Mankins Arrested and Charged with Embezzling More than $5 Million from Local Businesses District Attorney
2/3/2020 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Lewd Act Upon a Child District Attorney
1/31/2020 Murder Charges Filed in Morro Bay Stabbing District Attorney
1/29/2020 Judge Sentences Man to State Prison for Criminal Threats and Stalking District Attorney
1/24/2020 DA Dow Announces Appointment of Chief Deputy DA Lisa B. Muscari District Attorney
1/22/2020 Former Lyft Driver Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison District Attorney
1/15/2020 DA Seeks Life in Prison Without Parole for Gang Related Murder District Attorney
1/14/2020 DA Dan Dow Talks about Office Mission to Seek Justice District Attorney
1/14/2020 Templeton woman sentenced to state prison for embezzlement District Attorney
1/7/2020 Supreme Court Affirms Rex Allan Krebs Conviction and Death Penalty District Attorney
12/13/2019 Public Integrity Unit Completes Review of Los Osos Community Services District Board Compensation District Attorney Public Integrity Unit
12/12/2019 Judge sentences man to 5 years prison for Smart & Final robbery District Attorney
12/11/2019 Man sentenced to serve life in prison without possibility of parole District Attorney
12/10/2019 Sex Offender Sentenced to 25-to-life for Child Porn Possession District Attorney
12/9/2019 DA to Host Mandatory Human Trafficking Training for Hospitality Workers District Attorney's Office
12/6/2019 Jury finds Grover Beach man guilty of Felony Domestic Violence District Attorney
12/6/2019 Jury finds former Lyft driver guilty of felony sexual assault crimes District Attorney
12/5/2019 Judge finds sufficient evidence for Paso Robles murder to be tried District Attorney
11/26/2019 Jury Unable to Reach Unanimous Verdict in Third Consecutive Rape Trial District Attorney
11/20/2019 Man sentenced to 130 years in prison for molesting three children District Attorney
11/7/2019 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Felony Resisting Arrest after Viewing Video Evidence District Attorney
11/1/2019 Conflict of Interest Charges Filed Against Former Paso Robles School District Employee District Attorney
10/25/2019 Jury Convicts Tyrell Paul Hebert of Domestic Violence and Attempted Criminal Threats District Attorney's Office
10/24/2019 Jury Convicts William Martinez Perez of Multiple Counts of Child Molestation District Attorney
10/24/2019 DA Seeks Life in Prison Without Parole for Murder of Nancy Woodrum District Attorney
10/21/2019 Jury Convicts Indiana Man of Murdering his Mother in Grover Beach District Attorney's Office
9/10/2019 Man Sentenced to Prison for Solicitation of Murder Using ‘Dark Web’ Internet District Attorney
9/3/2019 David Platek Charged with Felony Identity Theft for using Fake Facebook Account District Attorney
8/26/2019 Murder Charges Filed for July Stabbing Death of Paso Robles Man District Attorney
8/19/2019 Murder Charges Filed Against Three Defendants for Oceano Gang Shooting District Attorney
8/17/2019 No Charges Filed Against Skeeter Mangan For Possessing Police Chief’s Misplaced Firearm District Attorney
8/14/2019 Jury Convicts Beau Evan Brigham of Soliciting the Murder of his Step-Mother District Attorney
7/24/2019 Jim Pinedo Sentenced to Life in Prison for Domestic Violence Related Attempted Murder with a Firearm District Attorney
7/18/2019 Judge Rules David Hernandez can be Tried for 2013 Paso Robles Murder District Attorney's Office
7/16/2019 Ten felonies filed against Richard Orcutt for racially-based hate crime threats District Attorney's Office
7/8/2019 Sherry M. Gong Charged with Felony Embezzlement from Atascadero High School Booster Club District Attorney
7/5/2019 Jury Convicts Matthew Roland Betts of Sexually Molesting Two Children District Attorney
7/2/2019 Juan Antonio Esquivel Sentenced to Six Years Prison for Child Molestation District Attorney
6/25/2019 Murder Charges Filed Against Kejuan Guy Bynum (8/31/92) in Shandon Stabbing District Attorney's Office
6/17/2019 Judge Sentences Man to State Prison for Sex Offense Against Intoxicated Victim District Attorney
6/6/2019 Jury Convicts Juan Antonio Esquivel of Felony Child Sexual Abuse District Attorney's Office
5/17/2019 Jury Finds Atascadero Man Guilty of Attempted Sexual Penetration of Intoxicated Victim District Attorney
5/15/2019 El Fiscal de Distrito Ofrece Asistencia a los Transeúntes Traumatizados de los Disparos en Oceano Dunes District Attorney
5/8/2019 Oakland Man Arraigned on Charges for Mass Shooting at Oceano Dunes District Attorney's Office
5/7/2019 District Attorney Offers Assistance to Traumatized Bystanders of Oceano Dunes Shooting District Attorney's Office
5/1/2019 28-year-old sentenced to two life terms for domestic violence attempted murder District Attorney's Office
5/1/2019 California Prosecutors Launch Statewide Recruitment Campaign District Attorney's Office
4/24/2019 Judge sentences school bus driver to prison for molesting special needs child District Attorney's Office
4/22/2019 For Survivors, Reporting Victimization is a Complex Decision San Luis Obispo District Attorney
3/20/2019 Herbert Connor Sentenced to One Year for Felony Sexual Battery by Restraint District Attorney
3/6/2019 Double Murder charges filed against Daniel R. Johnson (31) District Attorney's Office
2/26/2019 Charges filed against CMC escapee David Grayhall (26) District Attorney's Office
2/26/2019 Charges filed in gang-related robbery in Shell Beach District Attorney's Office
2/20/2019 Former Canadian pastor sentenced to two years in prison for sex crime District Attorney's Office
2/8/2019 Jury Convicts Travis Dawson of Transportation of Methamphetamine and Heroin and Possession of a Firearm District Attorney
2/6/2019 Former Treasurer Convicted of Embezzlement from Non-Profit Ag Friends District Attorney's Office
2/4/2019 Viborg employee sentenced to five years prison for embezzlement from elderly victim District Attorney's Office
2/1/2019 San Luis Obispo Jury Finds Herbert Connor Guilty of Felony Sexual Battery San Luis Obispo District Attorney
1/30/2019 Gang Member Sentenced for Armed Robbery San Luis Obispo District Attorney
1/28/2019 Domestic Violence Abuser Faces Life Sentence After Pleading Guilty to Attempted Murder District Attorney
1/23/2019 6 Things to Know About Human Trafficking in SLO County District Attorney's Office
1/17/2019 Former employee sentenced for felony embezzlement from iFixit District Attorney's Office
12/20/2018 Murder charges filed against Carlo Fuentes Flores in Nancy Woodrum’s disappearance case District Attorney's Office
12/14/2018 Former Canadian pastor convicted of arranging to meet a 15-year-old for lewd purposes District Attorney's Office
12/3/2018 Jesse Lee Hubble (36) sentenced to 24 years and 8 months in state prison for arson Office of the District Attorney
11/16/2018 Jury finds man guilty of attempted murder with firearm in domestic violence case District Attorney's Office
11/15/2018 Gang member convicted of robbery with a gun at Costco parking lot District Attorney's Office
11/15/2018 Chief Investigator William M. Hanley to Retire after 38 Year Public Safety Career District Attorney's Office
11/14/2018 Sexual assault charges filed against Lyft driver Jason Lemont Fenwick (51) District Attorney's Office
11/7/2018 Charges Filed Against Indiana Man for Murder in Grover Beach District Attorney's Office
10/30/2018 Cole Benjamin Malone (33) sentenced to 7 years for first-degree residential burglary District Attorney's Office
10/30/2018 Atascadero Man Guilty of Making Threats via Facebook to Women’s March Participants District Attorney's Office
10/25/2018 Officer Awarded DA Special Commendation for Human Trafficking Investigation District Attorney's Office
10/24/2018 Jury finds Jesse Lee Hubble (36) guilty of arson District Attorney's Office
10/10/2018 Charges filed against Lucion Lee Banks for Human Trafficking 14-year-old girl District Attorney's Office
10/5/2018 San Miguel Community Services District Bookkeeper Charged With Embezzlement of Public Funds District Attorney's Office
10/1/2018 Jury finds Cole Benjamin Malone (33) guilty of first-degree residential burglary District Attorney's Office
9/28/2018 John Henry Robinson (55) found guilty of Transportation of Methamphetamine District Attorney's Office
9/26/2018 "I stand up for victims of sexual assault and abuse." Dan Dow, District Attorney
9/25/2018 Jose Diaz (47) found guilty of committing Lewd Act Upon a Child and Child Molestation District Attorney's Office
9/21/2018 44 Felony child porn charges filed against Atascadero teacher Chris L. Berdoll District Attorney's Office
9/20/2018 Michael Smith (55) Sentenced to 20 years in State Prison for Stalking District Attorney's Office
9/14/2018 UPDATE: Investigation of Atascadero Fine Arts Academy teacher Chris Berdoll District Attorney's Office
9/5/2018 Jury finds Gino Lopez Guilty of Gross Vehicular Manslaughter for 2016 DUI Crash District Attorney's Office
8/30/2018 Distracted Driver Pleads No Contest to Vehicular Manslaughter District Attorney's Office
8/30/2018 Joseph A. Baker Sentenced to 12 Years for Assaulting a Peace Officer District Attorney's Office
8/23/2018 Ignacio Palomar Sentenced to 40 Years to Life in State Prison District Attorney's Office
7/11/2018 Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagner named Prosecutor of the Year by MADD District Attorney's Office
7/5/2018 Jessica Allred Found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated District Attorney's Office
6/29/2018 Felony Charges Filed Against Jonathan O. Davis for Recent Incidents of Child Annoyance / Molestation District Attorney's Office
6/6/2018 Charles Chad Giese (43) found guilty for murdering roommate District Attorney's Office
5/16/2018 Seven Home Invasion Robbery Defendants are Sentenced to State Prison District Attorney's Office
4/30/2018 Fresno Man Sentenced to Over 10 years for Human Trafficking in SLO County District Attorney's Office
4/18/2018 Criminal Charges Not Filed Against Two Local School Officials Russ Griffith or Christopher Ferree District Attorney's Office
4/3/2018 Collection Seizure of Mobile Devices Training at Central Coast Cyber Forensic Lab District Attorney's Office
4/2/2018 April 8th-14th is National Crime Victims' Rights Week District Attorney's Office
3/30/2018 San Luis Obispo County Jury Finds Cody Adam Julian Guilty in Child Molest Case District Attorney's Office
3/29/2018 John L. Wallace Pays Restitution to Two Local Special Districts in Full District Attorney's Office
3/22/2018 San Luis Obispo County Jury found Ignacio Franco Palomar III guilty of murder District Attorney's Office
3/18/2018 Statement from District Attorney Dan Dow District Attorney's Office
3/6/2018 Former District Administrator of South San Luis Obispo County Pleads No Contest to Allegations of Conflict of Interest District Attorney's Office
2/27/2018 Western Union Refunds Monies to Victims of Scams District Attorney's Office
1/31/2018 Manuel Jesus Perez Found Guilty District Attorney's Office
1/22/2018 Case Update: Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez District Attorney's Office
1/22/2018 Media Advisory - Press Conference District Attorney's Office
1/8/2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2018 District Attorney's Office
12/27/2017 District Attorney Dow Appoints Next Assistant District Attorney District Attorney's Office
11/29/2017 District Attorney Will Not Seek Retrial in Securities Case District Attorney's Office
11/8/2017 Assistant District Attorney Announces Retirement District Attorney's Office